Global PV Technology & Industry Report – 1st Edition


Bryan Ekus, Bernhard Krause, Gaëtan Masson

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This report aims at presenting several points of view on the future development of the PV market and industry. Inline with the new strategy of SOLARUNITED, it aims at providing an overview of current developments in several aspects on the PV industry and especially new and emerging technologies. Of course, much more could have been written on PV development and this report contains only some of the more interesting elements that are being industrialized now or that are heavily discussed within the industry.

First of all, this report looks at the situation of the global PV market and its main challenges in the coming years. Without entering too much into the detail of PV development, it highlights how PV could progress in the coming years, with many emerging countries completing the demand from the original markets.

Second, this report intends to give an overview of the direction that the PV industry is taking these days, with a focus on selected technology elements in almost all aspects on the PV value chain, from polysilicon, ingots and cells to modules. With regard to current development, the move to PERC is analyzed from the production point of view. The next steps in upgrading current production lines are detailed, starting from n-PERT and similar technologies. The potential to leapfrog to HeteroJunction is explained. Amongst thin film technologies, CIGS deserves a specific chapter given its potential. Other thin-film technologies might be studies more in depth in future versions of this report. Finally an outlook on perovskites, but also innovations in PV modules have been described. Bifacial cells and modules are considered as an innovation to be considered.

Last but not least, the report describes the activities that SOLARUNITED has launched to involve more the upstream part of the PV value chain in ongoing discussions about the improvement of quality and reliability of PV power plants. The report highlights the role of the industry and illustrates the PID case as iconic of improvements that the industry might propose in the coming years.

Most contributions in this report involve specialists from different segments of the PV value chain, from equipment and material, to market and industry experts, and research centers from all parts of the world. It emphases how diverse the PV value chain has become and how the complexity of the current technology development is shaping the future of the industry.


Click here to download your complimentary pdf



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